Well​,​Well​,​Well​,​Three Holes in the Ground

by Itch


Itch Leeds


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Track Name: Table Turned
The longer that you leave it the worse it becomes,
Will you ever learn to say no?
Jump off the cliff your friends will follow,
In. One. Ear. It’s in one ear and out of the other,
You never hear, well not the end of it?
Because that’s what they do,
That’s what they do.
With your head down its different now the tables turn.
The lights are on but there is no one home,
To tell you the truth the doorstep has become comfortable,
Is it comfortable?
Track Name: The Hopeless Romantic
The sand castles have washed away,
But no one remembers,
Except the hopeless romantic,
Who stood by the pavement edge?
And watched how the traffic swells,
His knuckles they read love and hate,
He turned and he said to me,
They’ve left me here clutching at straws,
The vultures are circling,
That little black cloud is a constant reminder, a lasting impression.

Two steps forward, two steps back.
You’re going no where sound familiar.
Loathing in honours,
Polish your medals,
How do you sleep at night?
As you run with your tale between your legs.
Track Name: Daggers
Your daggers...
Your daggers are...
They’re burning holes in all their skulls again,
You see when you’re safe you can’t see beyond the trees,
Your armour...
Your armour is lifting,
Don’t you judge this book by its cover?
So hold on,Hold on too,
This blanket it is mimicking you,
I know...
I know I can’t,
Have all the cake and eat it,
The tap, tap, tap of the type writer keys,
As you punch the words into the paper,
This ink is the cage that has captured it,
Is there gang on every corner?
Well is there?

It’s like those days when you feel you’re invincible.

We wait with baited breath.
Track Name: Do You Know What Fear Is?
The plastic bag caught in the tree will never let go,
Until it snaps like a branch because I was your sail.
And the phone lines are leaking like batteries,
the burning of ears,
They are whispering behind your back?
It’s you.
Tore holes through your wire fence, the hats and pegs.
The secret through the grass was burn all the ants.
The crowd only catch a glance.
Daja vu'

Do you know what fear is?
The fear...
That’s in all of us.
It’s you.
Track Name: Tanks
One more drink will kill your memory dead,
Do you find it hard to say what you really mean?
But don’t we all,
My mother would say,
‘We will come to that bridge when we cross it'.
Track Name: But Simon Said
These rooms will fall silent,
The clocks will grow louder,
The bill boards are lying,
But all is forgiven,
As you left in the morning,
We will all be persuaded eventually,
It is like Simon says,
We all get tricked in the end.

The magpies have all our silver,
They’ve taken it all,
And they won’t let the blood settle in your heart.
Watch how the dead wood washed against the paper boats,
That struggled and failed.
Am I the only one chasing this?
Can’t you hear them?
Track Name: Burning Bridges
Pass me like a parcel into the wrong hands,
The stolen cars are left burning but i am not scared,
I’m not scared of you.
So count the days count the minutes count the hours,
And the seconds will stretch out like the good old days your farther would say.
The morning broke the shadows creep,
And all that is personal won’t be buried with you anyway.

I’ll burn all my bridges to keep you in swallow your pride please don’t go,
Every single type rope you walk will snap in the end anyway.
Track Name: Square Of One
This scenery is swimming with monsters, As they sit behind their wheels,
But puppy eyes will always whisper, It’s ok. It’s ok.
Another blurry adventure, Are they the best nights of your life?
It’s becoming ever so clearer now that I’m going to die here.
Is that hard to swallow that thought? They’re punching my lights out?
It’s only encouraging,
‘A tooth for a tooth they say.’
Take this burning desire,
Chop off my head full of voices,
What’s left?
I won’t share with you. Take this.
They’re punching my lights out?
It’s only encouraging,
An eye for an eye they say.
Take this burning desire,
Chop off my head full of voices,
What’s left?
Is back at square one I again.
Track Name: In Between The Car Parks And The Stars
The guilty consciences will never go,
They are ground into the pavement,
With the chewing gum and cigarette ends,
Because the blood that was split on that Friday,
Will still be there when it rains.

It was the worst thing I could have said,
But I did.
It swills in our bellies like butterflies,
As the curtains fall to a round of applause,
The blood that was spilt on those Fridays
Will still be there when it rains.

The swallows dive,
To protect their young,
It’s inevitable, inevitable,
That they try.
Track Name: Sleeping Lions
Some where over hills and far away,
The rust will eat the cities,
Plane trails all fall to earth,
Snow flakes burn in my palms,
Tip toe the hallways,
The sleeping lions stir.

Soaked in the sunshine the pylons are humming,
I picked off your petals I smoked out the bees,
These awkward silences are filling with white noise,
I’m under your wing but it’s the same as being under your spell.

Capture the wasp in the bottle that’s drawn by the sugar I’m easily amused,
It’s captivated, captivated, captivated by you sugar.

If this is my fate my destiny,
Then I don’t want it.