The Boy Who Cried Wolf!

by Itch

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released January 1, 2003



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Itch Leeds


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Track Name: The Stick And The Stone
The stick and the stone it may break my bones,
But calling names won’t hurt her.
I watch it collide.
I stepped on the pavement crack,
The salt in my wound it’s circulating o’ yeah!
It poisoned my blood.
Stare into my eyes but don’t fall in love.

These footsteps begging bowls.
Gangs with baseball caps.
These swollen hearts on sleeves.
We carved our names in tress.

I watched over you.
Just like when we were young.
I thought this would last forever.
It never does.
Don’t turn around you should have gone home.
Track Name: Tearing Up Old Birthday Cards
Folded in half again ,This bad taste of lipstick.
I’m tearing up old birthday cards. The tears built in my eyes.
When all the stars have burnt their fuel.My television filtered eyes.
The coffee cup is nibbled around the edges.
Now bow your head and grip your teeth.
The earth is flat for all you know.
And all beyond your wildest dreams,
But all we do is chase them.
Because it’s all you have.
Those cards you had.
Too succeed were many have failed. I’m gathering momentum.
These distant sirens, the screeching of wheels.
This shoebox contains I treasure.
I look down form this bridge over water and it made me feel irrelevant.
Two-sided and I know that she’s lying.
So why is the moon still in the blue sky?
I’m taken back by the sights that are before me.

It made me feel irrelevant.
Track Name: Don't Think I Don't Know
Tree twist your roots around me.
I want the sky to fall on top of me.
Back then you don’t think I don’t know.
When will the laughter die down?

Fields of poppies like world wars.
It shivers down my spine.

Pockets filled with burnt-out matchsticks.
The skylines on fire.

I’m catching my breath,
I’m letting my guard down,
My skin is as thick as the knocks that it takes,
You brush it aside it keeps reoccurring,
It’s haunting me.
Track Name: Cuckoo
I once had a friend who dried up like autumn.
Tasteless and liquorice yeah we all dream of happiness.
I once had a friend who collected the nails that people would bite off with worry.
She drives me cuckoo.
Track Name: A Single Red Balloon
The sinking of a stone,
The ripples spread for miles,
A single red balloon,
A child’s stretched out hand.
I watched it escape.

You’re provoking the sincere,
I would cut off my ear for you,
But the tide still approaches me,
But I cling to my, cling to my perch.

Are all these stars the holes from stray bullets?

Is this the turning point?
Is this the pivot in your life?
Do you get the feeling that you’re wasting your life?
Cling to your perch.
Track Name: Crushed By The Wait
One thing leads to the other.
The winter fills my lungs.
I can’t wait.
My eyelids close I still see the light bulb glow.
Glowing and glowing through.
Track Name: Fingers Crossed
All these brick walls and tin cans filled with rusty nails,
Do you keep your fingers crossed?
You see I could not stop it,
I never meant it.
It’s as slow as a car crash a drop in the ocean.
It triggers it as it rushes through me.
You’re a firefly and shooting star,
I can’t tell them apart.
Do you keep your fingers crossed?

A smoke filled, hour glass room, low lit room.
I cut off my shadow again.
Tears roll down cheeks.

Guess who cried wolf?
The truth, the truth it’s easier to lie.
Once upon a time.
The story ends…..
Now save yourself.